"Let's Get Creative"

This is were you find out that everything Available to Create a really Great Custom Laser Engraved Portrait.

Is FREE,  No additional cost .

everything you need, Line Borders, Custom Line Borders and anything you want ( within Reason ) as Your Personal Inscription,

Even an Artist,.. if you want something "One of a Kind"

below are samples of our nicely designed Line border's and custom line borders,.. scroll thru and   "Check it Out"

This is were our Custom process begins. 

I've tried to make ordering a Custom Laser Engraved Portrait,

                 A Simple Thing.                   

We'll see how that goes.

PLEASE  REMEMBER, I have set up a Manufacturing System, But each and every order is custom, Hand Crafted and One of a kind, None of these products are mass produced at this time.

OK, "Let's Go Shopping"

First, Press "Let's Go Shopping", This will take you to Our Catalog.

After clicking on the desired Frame style in the catalog section,  You'll notice The Custom Frame Works section is on the right

Simply choose a Frame, stand or Wall mount,   Choose the colors and finishes, The Size and format, Portrait or landscape,

Press "The GO Button" 

Then Scroll down past our product pictures, to the                                 "Let's Get Creative" Section, This is were we find out How you want your Custom Laser Engraved Portrait Created.

On our Custom portraits ,you will be asked to pick a Line Border, a custom line border, or have the Artist do it for you,

Fill in your special inscription,  any other ideas can be put into the Special instructions area, ( a particular Type style from your computer,.. submit the name) 

Then you up-load your most cherished moment,  

Any additional information helps the artist determine Design and typography for the person Receiving this gift.

press the submit button. (This information goes directly to The Engraver)

At this point you can Press "The Cart" for checkout, or continue shopping


Purchaser's Name and email are private, confidential  and for company use only, during the duration of your order, This information helps to Identify your order, 
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at enchanted memories we take great pride in giving our customers a little more then what they ask for.

as you can see,  "Our Art is our passion" and our mission Is to Create, One more Happy Customer


Welcome to The Great Lakota Nation

 thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon.

Bob Benson,

Creative Director

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